My Creative Process

My Creative Process

Why does the work I do matter to me?

I feel I need to feel happy and cheerful at home and all those spaces where I spend a lot of time. So, it's meaningful to me to create artworks that have elements that help me connect with things that feel homely, cosy and warm.

Fruits, for example, are such a link to the everyday ~ they are beautiful and colourful, and have these most incredible shapes.

They remind me of my own childhood and those days where I felt so free, just playing around with my neighbour friends and eating any stone fruit I could get my hands onto.

Every painting transports me to a place of joy, fun and freedom. I feel the peace of being alone with the artwork...of creating something for someone who will connect with the painting and bring the energy of this creation to their own home.

My original oil paintings and fine art prints are a celebration of all that is cheerful and charming; of colours that sing, that bring fun and vibrance & make your space feel like a home. At least, that's exactly what my collectors have told me 🧡

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