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Art Tea Towel Pomegranate, Citrus and Stone Fruit + Magnetic Wooden Hanger Bundle

Art Tea Towel Pomegranate, Citrus and Stone Fruit + Magnetic Wooden Hanger Bundle

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 Be ready to hang art in the blink of an eye! 

This bundle will get your art tea towel up on your wall in no time.

Or, if you're looking for a thoughtful present (think housewarming gift, birthday, Christmas, Mother's Day, farewell pressies) this bundle will get your gifting sorted.  

My single art tea towels are a great way to infuse your daily chores with an element of fun and a pop of colour.

Based on my original artworks, they feel lush and vibrant, and make the perfect gift to yourself or someone special in your life.

The generous size and luxurious premium cotton material make it the perfect kitchen companion for even the biggest and funnest dinner parties.

The wooden hangers are a super convenient and economic alternative to the traditional framing methods, and they are the easiest framing solution.

Each hanger set contains 4 wooden bars embedded with strong magnets.

Just clamp your art between the two bars on top and bottom and it's ready to hang!

What makes this Pomegranate tea towel + hanger bundle so special?

🔸 450mm x 650mm generous enough to tackle even your biggest pots

🔸 Based on my original artwork to bring real art into every meal prep

🔸 100% linen soft and delicate, so your hands will thank you

🔸 Premium Biodegradable dyes to help look after the environment 

🔸 Strong magnets make sure your tea towel hangs neatly and stays in place

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    You will receive an email each Monday for 4 weeks with a PDF document containing the week’s content + link to the videos for the exercises.

    We will meet on zoom on a Thursday or Friday to answer any questions you may have about the week’s content or exercises.

    Thanks to the internet, you can do the course from any location in the world.

    I also like to organise two times for our zoom meetings to try to cover different time zones. The meetings are also recorded and available for replay whenever it suits your time.

  • What will I need for the course?

    You will need:

    • a substrate to use with your choice medium – ie, watercolour paper, canvas paper, etc.
      They don’t need to be expensive brands of paper or canvas, as we’ll just use them for the exercises. Or, you may just want to use regular copy paper or a sketchbook. You may want to restrict your paper sizes to A4 so you can then keep the exercises in a folder
    • brushes + your usual thinning medium (water, odourless solvent, etc)
    • paints (either tubes or pans)
    • mixing palette (or whatever you use for mixing your colours
  • Is this course specific for a certain medium?

    Not at all! This course if for anyone who uses a liquid medium (for example, watercolour, acrylics, oils, gouache, etc)

  • Will I need to buy any specific materials?

    I would prefer that you use whatever brushes, surface and colours you already have.

    Having said that, we will be doing exercises based on the colour wheel, so you will need to have at least one warm and one cool red, blue and yellow. (After you’ve joined, you will receive a list of warm and cool colours)
    Also, you will need white + black.

    Bring as many pans or tubes of colours as you have!

    If you’re just starting to dab into art and don’t have any materials, you’re or you have any questions about what colours to use, send me an email and I’ll send you a list of my recommended colours to get started with.

  • I can’t attend the live Q&As at the designated time, will I be able to ask a question?

    Yes, by all means. You can send me an email until 24 hours before the scheduled zoom meeting and I will be answering your question during our call.

    You will be able to listen to the recorded zoom meeting which you may watch at your convenience.
    Also, you may ask any questions in the private Facebook group.